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Welcome to the home page for The Boy Scout Manual.

We have not shut down, we have temporarily susp need the page until we finish and publish our book ‘SPIN ME BACK DOWN THE YEARS.....A history and pictorial compendium of the band Jethro Tull.” 

Please see our news pages firvregular updates 


We are part of The Jethro Tull Group of fan sites.

The response to the site continues to overwhelm us, and we continue with our plans to expand the site with a whole lot more in the future.

Over time we hope for this site to become a comprehensive single visit repository for memorabillia and other material associated with the band Jethro Tull, Ian Anderson, and the musicians who have been part of one of the most unique and musically diverse bands of the last 50 years.

Masses of new material has been uploaded to the site recently and to our Facebook sites. We will continue to add our own and the sigificant amount of other memorabilia that has been kindly sent over to us in recent months. So, please bear with us as we continue to develop the site and add content from some of the most extensive fan and private collections from around the globe.

Although neglected largely by the music press and music historians over a number of years since their heyday, the band, its leader Ian Anderson, together with long-serving guitarist Martin Barre and the myriad of other gifted musicians and players who have formed Jethro Tull, and its predecessor bands since the mid to late 1960s, now  find themselves the subject of growing interest in the newly awakened fields of progressive and classic rock. The band and the music is now acknowledged as being a valued influence on an ever increasing sphere of new and emerging prog bands and musicians.

The aim of this site will be to provide a home for much, and hopefully all the available material which has been associated with one of the most unique and critically acclaimed, and in some cases unnecessarily maligned, bands to emerge from the British "blues boom" of the late '60's.

This site is a labour of love and is funded, managed and updated independently by fans and not the band, and we're happy to maintain that independence  for the benefit of Tull fans.

We are in a continual process of uploading content but hope that fans from across the Tull community will want to continue contributing material to an archive of memorabillia that reflects the history of one of music's most unique bands.

If you have anything to contribute [digitally - Hi and Low res JPEG preferably] then please get in touch via our contacts page, simply send the image we will upload, we are happy to display it and credit the owner sending it in. If you have any problems using the contacts page then simply send it to marking it Boy Scout Manual.

We accept contirbutions from all quarters and offer the material here to view for free to all without membership. We would ask you to bookmark our facebook page and like us there and get more speedy updates and other news. If you copy images to post elsewhere, we simply ask for a credit and a link to this site.

A huge debt of gratitude to all those fans who are cutting across divides to supply copies of their memorabillia to The Manual. Thanks to David Pier and 'Mac' who have recently sent me their private collections of paper memorabilia for scanning and inclusion to the Manual.

I send my personal thanks to them and others and in particular to Charlie Kenney [AKA 'Gerrald Bostock'] who is helping me collate the images here and for making his own extensive personal collections available to fans worldwide here and also thanks to Erin Ward [AKA Tulltapes Tull].

Also thanks to Tull Management for advertising the site via their Facebook and Twitter feeds and to Warner Brothers who have kindly chosen us to supply memorabilia for inclusion in the current crop of remixes of the Tull Classics.

Finally, please check out links page and in particular the Jethro Tull Group Hub Page which provides direct links to all our sites.


Bless my boots! Upon my soul! 

Welcome to....

The Boy Scout Manual


Pat K