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United Kingdom


1987      Chrysalis  TULLL CD4    Said She Was A Dancer,Dogs In The Midwinter,Down At The End Of Your Road,Too Many Too

1988    Chrysalis TULLPCD1    "Part Of The Machine" Stormy Monday,Lick Your Fingers Clean,Minstrel In The Gallery,Farm On The Freeway,Part Of The Machine

1989    Chrysalis TULL CD5        Another Christmas Song,Christmas Song,Cheap Day Return/Mother     Goose,Locomotive Breath

1991    Chrysalis TULL CD6        This Is Not Love, Night In The Wilderness, Jump Start (Live)

1991    Chrysalis TULL CD7        CD1- Rocks on The Road, Jack-A-Lynn,Tall Thin Girl, Fat Man
                CD2- Rocks On The Road,Bouree,Mother Goose/Jack-A-Lynn,Aqualung/Locomotive Breath

1993    Chrysalis 2397126        CD1- Living In The (Slightly More Recent) Past, Silver River Turning, Rosa On The Factory Floor, I Don't Want To Be Me
                CD2- Living In The Past, Truck Stop Runner,Piece Of Cake,Man Of Principle

1995    EMI 202424        "Four Dances With God" In The Moneylenders Temple, In The Pay Of         Spain, In The Grip Of stronger Stuff, In The Sight Of The Mineret

1995    Chrysalis CDJANDJ1    Rare And Precious Chain, This Free Will

1999    Papilion BTFLYS 0001    Bends Like A Willow,Dot Com, It All Trickles Down

2014    KSCOPE 292 DL        Doggerland

2014    KSCOPE 591P        Browning Of The Green


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1987 Said She Was A Dancer

1988 Part Of The Machine

1989 Another Christmas Song

1991 This Is Not Love

1991 Rocks on The Road

1993 Living In The Slightly More Recent

1995 "Four Dances With God"

1995 Rare And Precious Chain

1999 Bends Like A Willow

2014- - Doggerland

2014 Browning Of The Green