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Many of us are part of a larger Tull community where friendships, many of which have become lifelong, are formed. Frequently a shared love of the band's music leads to discovering many other shared interests, either though other music, sport or even politics, in some circumstances many friendships even endure despite diferences, some only united by a love of Tull and the music.

We frequently remember or celebrate the band and their music but as we fans get older, some of those friendships come to an end, often unexpectedly or far too early.

We thought it might be a nice idea to remember the friends we've made along the way who we have lost through accident, illness or through simply getting older and leave some virtual place of remembrance for them in a small part of the Tull community.

We will add in band members and other associates also, so as to make this one place to remember people who made the Tull community special.

If you want to add a name to remember a Tull fan please dont hesitate to let us know and we'll add the name to the page.

Send an email to or contact an admin at our facebook page.

Mark Craney

Rodolfo Napuri

Chris Martin

Tom Martin

Tim Ward

Glenn Cornick

Greg Heckt

John Glascock

Jace Totaro

Jess Ditson

Mike Sierens

Paul Caruso

Micky Hutton

Pawel Klaput

Jody Jayne Trevail (Hester Aye)

Maartin Allcock 

Susan Brough Youngquist

Norman Boilard

Carlos Medina Mendoza

John (Gunner) Gunshefski 444

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