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Thick as a Bick - Remaster and Reissue 2012

After working his magic with the 40th Anniversary edition of Aqualung Steve Wilson now does the same with the 40th anniversary edition of the remastered version of Thick as a Brick which is to be specially packaged and released with its 2012 counterweight Thick as a Brick 2 -  Whatever happened to Gerald Bostock which is due to be issued on 5th November at 9,30 am.

This section contains the EMI press release issued on 10th September 2012.

A fine fan package it appears as well.

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EMI Press release  - New TaaB newspaper cover

EMI Press release image - New TaaB box cover

Page 1 of the EMI press release for the TaaB/TaaB2 remaster release

Page 2 of the EMI press release for the TaaB/TaaB 2 remaster