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Tull Heritage Sites

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Situated in South London's Bermondsey [spelt with a d] Street at the other end from the Rolling Stones rehearsal room, where Tull rehearsed TaaB, once upon a time stood The Rose Dining Rooms.


Mentioned by Ian and Martin in their interview reminisces about the TaaB recording schedule, the Rose Dining Room was not the sort of place where long unkempt hair, straggly beards and long overcoats would have been out of place.

It was also about 75 yards from where I lived at the time. and it was not the sort of establishment frequented by the local residents, it served up below average greasy spoon menus and had an air of over-boiled cabbage about it.


It's no longer there, falling foul of the same sort of gentrified over-development that claimed the Stones rehearsal studios, being replaced by mock modernism or pastiche Victorian....


Ber-mond-sey Street just isn't the same anymore.