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1969 Music Hall/Reprise 31448  Its Breaking Me Up/A Song For Jeffrey

1969 Philips 83474PB It's Breaking Me Up/A Song For Jeffery

1970 Music Hall/Reprise 60362  Teacher. Move On Alone/Witch's Promise, Driving Song

1971  Music Hall/Reprise 31719  Hymn 43/Mother Gooses

1972 Music Hall/Reprise 183  Thick As A Brick/Thick As A Brick/B-Frank Zappa-Vacaciones En Berlin

1972  Music Hall/Reprise 40016  Living In The Past/Christmas Song/Frank Zappa-

1983  RCA 803372  Fly By Night/Pat Benatar-Love Is A Battlefield







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Music Hall/Reprise 31448

Music Hall/Reprise 60362

Music Hall/Reprise 31719

Music Hall - Reprise 183

Music Hall Reprise 40016

RCA 803372

Philips - 83474 PB