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Copyrights, watermarks and ownership Part 2

Seems someone is spreading malicious gossip, which isn't true.

We have formed a new Tull Group on the internet, The Jethro Tull Group and we have found it necessary to counter this gossip with the following post on our facebook page.

"First of all we, The Jethro Tull Group, would like to thank all of the friends that have supported our new efforts and endeavors over the last week, it is very gratifying to share with those that have an appreciation for what we're doing. It is all about sharing it with you and we're having fun doing it!

We would like to make a few points clear by way of explanation about some of the ways we've decided to operate that have been called into question by some (a very few) but just so everyone knows.

We watermark our photos with TJTG because we own the copyright to them, which we have searched out and purchased ourselves or that we had personally owned to start with. We do not copy photos from google searches or other peoples FB sites and post and re post them. Not because it is in some way not proper, but because we ourselves, like many of you, have seen them all before, for the most part. The photos we've posted have also, in most cases, been edited and rehabilitated when necessary, and usually all raw shots do. So there has been a certain amount, sometimes hours, of work done on them. To have them shared is fine, all we want is to retain a little credit for bringing them about. Same with the videos we have been responsible for. Hours of work has, most of the time, gone into making them much more than they originally were. For this we are sometimes re-paid by seeing this work lifted, rebranded and sold by someone. We have spent actual money on our sites and collections along with the time and effort it takes to bring things to you, with as much of a better quality that is possible.

So for the few that are complaining about us not being "real Tull fans" because we don't openly share without watermarking, we would say, "I don't see your websites or the original material that you have developed with your money, time and effort, instead of carping and taking pot shots from your free Facebook pages, and I'll venture to guess that "We were True Tull fans" while you were still sucking on the nipple with a full diaper. (maybe it's time for a change)."

So with that said…..
We welcome any questions about our policies directed to us and will be answered thoroughly and honestly. We have thought them through carefully and come by them thru actual experience.
We do all this because we enjoy sharing things "for free" with other Tull fans and enjoy getting to know each and every one of you that share our enthusiasm for all things Tull.

Sincerely TJTG