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WarChild- The Theatre Edition

Hot on the back of our involvement with the recent A Passion Play release we are delighted to have also been involved in the current release of the expanded WarChild Theatre release.

We will soon be uploading the material we supplied to the APP release as well as the WarChild set, together all the other bits from those periods that didn't make the final releases. Sadly we are limited to the book size of 80 pages but we will include all the collectied material here.

Huge thanks to the collective collections of Charles Kenny, Steve Gugerty, Erin Ward and the several photographers we are working with.

A reminder, due to other sites lifting our memorabilia for use under their name we have to resort to watermarking our material, it pisses us off to do it as much as it may piss off a few of the genuine fans who have to look at it, but we run this site for free and fail to see why some thieving bootleggers should benefit financially from our hard work for nothing.

So generally , if it has a Boy Scout Manual watermark it is memorabila which we own and have scanned but do not own the copyright to; we are happy for it to be shared.

If however, it has a Jethro Tull Group [TJTG] watermark then it and the copyrights attached to it are owned by The Jethro Tull Group and we would prefer it if you contacted us about it's use and/or credit the group in full.